our story

FREE REIGN came to me in a dream one night.

I have been battling widespread chronic pain from several injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident in March 2014. It just so happened to have occurred 9 days following the birth of my first child. The journey that followed both physically and emotionally had at times taken me to some dark, lonely and harrowing places. During some of my lowest points, my husband would leave me some of the simplest but encouraging notes in all different places of our house. Whenever I found them, they inspired me and nourished my soul; those notes helped keep me going. In my dream, I started thinking, if these simple messages could help me, maybe they could help other people, right?

And so my journey into entrepreneurship began. FREE REIGN is a lifestyle brand complete with apparel and beautiful yet functional "everyday essential" accessories - all which aim to not only make you feel good, but look good and do good too!

So now, out of Langley, BC, I am a proud "mom"preneur bringing my dream to fruition; committed to ethically producing Canadian made apparel, while also sourcing materials from Canadian suppliers and sometimes collaborating with fellow local artisans to create my entire line.

I am here for you and those that you love by thoughtfully curating each and every piece of apparel, graphics, and accessories in hopes of sending you courage, peace, love, light and kind vibes.

Thanks for coming along on this ride -- your support means the world to me!