#nopainFREEREIGN Campaign

| #nopainFREEREIGN Campaign |

The #nopainFREEREIGN Campaign is close to our heart.

FREE REIGN in its entirety was inspired by the experiences + journey of Founder, Melanie Pederson's, battle with chronic pain. This campaign is here not just to raise awareness around chronic pain + how relentlessly debilitating it can be, but to also give back + support those that suffer from this horrible, painful + often incurable "invisible" condition.

1 in 5 Canadians + over 1 in 10 Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain. Although those numbers are high, research programs for chronic pain in North America is grossly underfunded.

50% of the net proceeds from our #nopainFREEREIGN Campaign is donated to a variety of non-profit organizations throughout North America that conduct research on chronic pain + whose volunteers share a passion for reducing the burden of pain while making positive change in the health care system.

Join us in helping to improve the quality of life in so many lives!